Registration is open!

Phatwater Updates—Whale Tagging The Fog

August 14th, 2014

Phatwater on the Natchez gage:

19.87′ at 387,795 CFS, August 14th, 2014.


Registration is now open. There are a few inconsistencies which have been identified and will hopefully be corrected later today. Categories, listed on Webscorer Front Page as “Not Available”, are revealed once you pick your race.

Registration for this year is $90 per person; $10 additional for non-ACA members. There are no discounts for students, military, or doubloonists.

Our pub glass vendor sold out to another princely affair and with it went our bargain pricing. We will have Sub-V knives for those mindful of crushing this benchmark While They last.

If ever there was a year for you to push yourself, this be the year.

Talk has gone around that there will be space available in several Quapaw Canoes for team paddlers for those who wish to paddle but not be burdened with packing their own boat. I have no idea when or how many spots will be available because the local representative from Quapaw has not yet provided us with this information. He has told us there will be a ‘per paddler’ fee, around $50, to cover the cost of bringing the boats and paying the guides’ daily fees. This cost will be in addition to your Phatwater fee of $90, plus $10 for ACA insurance/day membership. All Quapaw Canoe participants will be in the Halph-The-Phat and will be categorized “Exhibition”. My advice is to go ahead and sign up in the Exhibition category for the Halph-The-Phat, to assure yourself a spot.
We’ll work through the details as they unfold. Otherwise, you can do it the American Way and wait until the last minute. Scalpers standing by.

All For Now—KB