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Phatwater Updates-Galley Rater

September 19th, 2014

24.14′ is the level of the Phatwater on the Natchez gauge today, August 19. I’ve gone back to “gauge”, supplanting “gage”, which is incorrect. I decided at long last we should return to the proper spelling of the term, raising Excalibur once and for all against an overbearing diminution of the once noble English language. Though this is not an “official” declaration, it is my personal feeling NASCAR is somehow to blame for this past mistake. The gathering il-literati, as with poison oak, is tireless in its efforts to bring down the mightiest of oaks.

We have several rises moving our way from upstream weather. Later I will publish the standing “records” for Phatwater Solo, Tandem, and SUP. This may prove to be the year to unseat them.

Local interest in the Phatwater is on the upswitch. This is welcome news, given the muted participation we’ve seen in the recent past.

A little more than a year ago an agency without our borders was charged with marketing Natchez for the approaching, 300th anniversary of the city’s founding, in 2016. This agency was paid a great deal of money to do so. They failed famously, withdrawing from their three-year contract after less than one. The funds they managed to make off with have as yet to be repaid to this shining city on the bluffs. Chances are they won’t be without making a number of attorneys far better fed.

Nonetheless, we were able to coerce the Natchez Convention and Visitors’ Bureau to come to our aid, and this year we have been kept afloat thanks to their local effort, the funding which is due to come our way being largely made up of motel taxes intended for this purpose. So, when you book your rooms, know that you are doing your part to further support the Phatwater. We will place a survey card in your race packet this year. It will be a mail-in. All you have to do is fill it out and drop it in a postal box or facility, preferably the one a block from the Natchez Grand Hotel at Canal and Jefferson. In this way the CVB will know how much you all love Natchez, and they’ll give us even more money next year. See how this works? So please help us by filling out this card. It’s anonymous, so the lazy among you won’t be directly identified.

Three weeks, people. Get on your game face.


All For Now—