Phatwater Updates—Supporting Mole

April 14th, 2014

I continue to get heated requests for news of the bus shuttle. Why? aren’t you having it any more?”

Relax. We are. We’ve just decided to ditch some of the other expense and maintain it, come what may.

Phatwater XIII will be run as in the past, with final registration and package pickup at the Under-The-Hill Saloon on Friday, 10 October. The race will begin as with all previous years, at or near 0800 at the Claiborne County Port, outside Port Gibson. Cost is still $75 with the added stipend to cover insurance for those not holding a membership in the American Canoe Association. Halph-The-Phat will be run as last year. We may make a few adjustments in boat classes and offer overall awards for top finishers only, as in: Canoe Solo, Canoe Tandem, Kayak Solo and Kayak Tandem, SUP Men’s and Women’s.

Whether or not we will have “The Crossing” this year is still in question, although it is likely it will be dropped due to lack of logistical support. It’s a lot of work for very little gravy.

Adam Elliott is opening (April 15, 2014) the Natchez  Outpost of the Quapaw Canoe Company, a kayak and canoe touring outfitting agency, with tomorrow (April 15, 2014) being his inaugural target date. For info, see: Quapaw Natchez Outpost.

Congrats to the BluzCruz Xth this past weekend. Sorry we were unable to attend. Monstrous goings on have littered our path to the paddle of late.


All For Now—KB